The Fan-Made Pinypons are Pinypons you make by yourself....No Real Pinypons just Fan-Made!!!You can post them here for us to see it and for others to see!You can also desgin the box and pet and stuff is you want you can even do pics of them when mixed and matched!Also the two faces they have you can do whatever you wish does not have to be box and with pet ect.You can or not you do what ever you wish!

How to do

Do whatever you want,Bring a pinypon and do other her with paint or whatvever,Or even you can draw her with a papaer,Or with paint or any drawing program ,You can mix and match any pinypon you have and create!Or ever make her with paiting colors and do over your pinypon!Or any way you can do or try any way you know how to do it well...Enjoy and good luck making your own one of a kind Pinypon doll...Have fun making Pinypons!............................Well LOL it's just hard to create a pinypon for some of you Just have fun! :) ;)